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Why should an abscess be treated right away?

A dental abscess is one of the most common forms of abscesses. While a small abscess may not be too harmful, it always has the potential to grow. Once the abscess has grown, it could cause some major pain and other problems if it is not treated. Read more about why an abscess should be treated right away below:

What happens if it’s untreated?

An abscess that is left untreated could lead to a variety of problems. The first of these problems is pain. The area where the abscess is will already feel sensitive, but if it is left for too long the abscess might grow and cause pressure, increasing the pain. As the abscess grows, so will the swelling around the area. You may notice your gums becoming red and your cheeks start to swell. As the infection becomes worse, you may even begin to show signs of a fever. If the abscess pops, this could lead to a spread of infection throughout your body, creating a much larger problem than if you were just to have the abscess treated in the first place.


What is the treatment?

The treatment for an abscess is quite a simple one, it requires the abscess to be drained. The area will be numbed before the procedure. Once it is numbed, the area will be cut open and drained of all the fluid. The open wound will then be rinsed out. In some cases, a root canal will be performed in order to save the tooth and prevent further infection. If this is not possible, the tooth will be pulled. Once either of these procedures have occurred, antibiotics are prescribed to prevent the spread of infection.